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9th Edition INCH FASTENER STANDARDS (2014) - (hard cover book) plus 60 day FREE trial for the IFI Technology Connection


US/Canada: $345.00
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Author: IFI
Date Published: July 2014
Media Type: Books
Product Type: Standards Book



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The 9th Edition has over 80 of the most commonly used inch fastener standards. Of the 99 8th Edition fastener standards, 48 have been revised and updated in the 9th Edition. This 1155 page book is the latest of the IFI Standards Book referred to by industry as the "Bible of the Fastener Industry" since the 1950s.

This is a "must have" for all companies that buy, sell, or install mechanical fasteners made to the inch standards.

BONUS – with every purchase of a 9th Edition Book you receive a 60 day FREE trial for the IFI Technology Connection. When you go to the online store download the registration form and your trial subscription will be activated within 24 hours