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9th Edition INCH FASTENER STANDARDS (2014) - (network digital version--one or more clients) plus 60 day FREE trial for the IFI Technology Connection


US/Canada: $345.00
International Price: $395.00

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Author: IFI
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Media Type: CD/DVD
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Product Description

The pricing is based on a per client basis. EXAMPLES: 1 client seat costs $345 and 2 client seats cost $690 total.

An unlimited number of work stations can have access to the file, but the number of simultaneous work station accesses are limited to the number of licensed client seats purchased.  A single client seat unit can also work on a non-networked stand-alone PC.

Live Table of contents and an active Find function make finding data easy and fast.

The document cannot be copied or printed separately.  Snipping  capabilities for data capture are active.

 BONUS – with every purchase of a 9th Edition Book you receive a 60 day FREE trial for the IFI Technology Connection. When you go to the online store download the registration form and your trial subscription will be activated within 24 hours