IFI Soaring Eagle Recognition Awards

The Industrial Fastener Institute Soaring Eagle Award recipients are those individuals who have made outstanding and significant contributions to the fastener industry.  The two areas of recognition are described below.

IFI Soaring Eagle Service Award

The IFI Soaring Eagle Service Award recognizes individuals who have contributed outstanding time and effort in the leadership of the Industrial Fasteners Institute and/or in some other way contributed to the health and well-being of the entire industrial fastener industry.

IFI Soaring Eagle Technology Award

The IFI Soaring Eagle Technology Award recognizes individuals who have extensive experience in the industrial fastener industry who have made significant contributions to the technological advancement of the fastener industry.  Contributions may be through extensive work on fastener standards committees, the publication of widely acclaimed principles or documents and/or through the development of fastener related equipment products, or processes which have been widely acknowledged as advancements in fastener technology.


Joe Greenslade Young Leadership Award

The Joe Greenslade Young Leadership Award, instituted in memory Joe Greenslade who served as IFI Technical Director from 2007 to 2015, recognizes individuals who, early in their career have contributed in a significant way to the fastener industry. One of Joe Greenslade’s passions was to mentor and encourage young people to reach their full professional potential. Many professionals in the fastener industry today have had the privilege of being guided by Joe’s example and wisdom. In the spirit of its namesake, the Joe Greenslade Young Leadership Award recognizes the importance of upcoming generations to the continued success and evolution of the fastener industry.



Award Recipients

One or more of these awards are presented to recipients at the IFI annual spring membership meeting. Listed below are the names of those who have received these awards.





George S. Case, Sr. Meritorious Service Award

Roy P. Trowbridge Technology Award


William E. Ward Leadership Award Joe Greenslade Young Leadership Award


Harry J. Wilkinson

Errol M. Alexander

Robert E. Brunner



Charles R. O’Brien

Ray H. Carlson

George F. Wasmer


Charles J. Wilson

John H. Bickford

James E. Wittersheim


William E. Tudor

Dr. Louis Raymond

Patrick Meade


Steven W. Vass

Harry S. Brenner

Robert H. Lench


Joseph Bahadrian

Bernie Reiland

Max F. Dorflinger


Donald E. Surber

Joseph J. Tomalis

Jack Pekar


Daniel P. Haerther

Frank Cosenza

George Grabner


Barry MacLean

Bengt Blendulf

No longer awarded


Porter McLean

Dr. Salim Brahimi, PE



Joe Greenslade

Thomas E. Hay, PE


Owe Carlsson

Ron Clarke

2018 Robert J. Harris Michael J. Lawler
2019 Richard Delawder David Goss, PE
2020 Mike McGuire Anthony DiMaio Inaugurated in 2021
2021 Laurin Baker Chad Larson John Medcalf
2022 Mike Friel Kevin Menke  


Submitting Nominations

Anyone may nominate recipients regardless of their relationship to the IFI or the fastener industry.  If you know of someone who you feel deserves one of these prestigious recognition awards please fill out the nomination form.  Open the form by clicking below.


Soaring Eagle Nomination Form

Joe Greenslade Young Leadership Nomination Form