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Hydrogen Embrittlement

1. Review Paper - Hydrogen Embrittlement in Fasteners - Brahimi-20142. Review Paper - Hydrogen Embrittlement in Coated Steel Fasteners - Brahimi-20063. HE characteristics of two tempered martensitic steels - Brahimi-20164. Alloy and composition dependence of HEsusceptibility in high-strength steel fasteners - Brahimi-20175. Summary HE Susceptibility of Bainite for High Strength Steel Fasteners - Brahimi-20156. HE Susceptibility of Bainite for High Strength Steel Fasteners - Saliby-20177. HE Susceptibility of Case Hardened Steel Fasteners - Medcalf-2018 

IFI Tech Guide

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Inch Standards Book Info

9th Edition Inch Fastener Standards - 2015-1-12 - TOC