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2021 Book of Fastener Standards

IFI Book of Fastener Standards 2021 Edition TOCIFI Intro and products EXTRACT 

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Bulletin - 10 Questions about Final FQAFor Users of Dip-spin FinishesHead Splits and Bursts Prevention and Detection - BrahimiIntegrity of High Strength Fasteners for Aircraft Structures - BrahimiISO Fastener Standards Should Be Used for All Metric FastenersManufacturer's Identification Mark RegistrationStainless - 304 vs F593The Critical Fastener Facts Every Fastener Supplier and User Should Know 151020Why ISO Standards Should Be Preferred For Metric Fasteners 

Hydrogen Embrittlement

1. Review Paper - Hydrogen Embrittlement in Fasteners - Brahimi-20142. Review Paper - Hydrogen Embrittlement in Coated Steel Fasteners - Brahimi-20063. HE characteristics of two tempered martensitic steels - Brahimi-20164. Alloy and composition dependence of HEsusceptibility in high-strength steel fasteners - Brahimi-20175. Summary HE Susceptibility of Bainite for High Strength Steel Fasteners - Brahimi-20156. HE Susceptibility of Bainite for High Strength Steel Fasteners - Saliby-20177. HE Susceptibility of Case Hardened Steel Fasteners - Medcalf-20188. McGill HE Facility 

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