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ISO/TR 20491:2019 Fasteners - Fundamentals of Hydrogen Embrittlement in Steel Fasteners
ISO Technical Report - developed and peer reviewed by ISO/TC 2 Technical Committee on Fasteners. Available as downloadable PDF file or as a bound booklet.
US/Canada: $144.00 | International: $144.00
This document presents the latest knowledge related to hydrogen embrittlement, translated into know-how in a manner that is complete yet simple, and directly applicable to steel fasteners.
US/Canada: $50.00 | International: $50.00
Send a message to for 50 copy orders with your company logo printed on the books - 50% discount.
US/Canada: $100.00 | International: $100.00
Contains comprehensive, basic, and insightful information into fastener technology and fastener industry history. An informative, educational resource--NOT a book of standards.
Can be bought in bulk with your name imprinted on them to sell or give to customers.
US/Canada: $125.00 | International: $125.00
US/Canada: $30.00 | International: $30.00
Latest listing of fastener manufacturers who are registered with the USA Patents and Trademarks Office and US Department of Defense Fastener Manufacturer's Identification listing.

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