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US/Canada: $65.00 | International: $85.00
This unique guide illustrates fastener manufacturers’ marks applied to their products and contains both active and inactive markings for over 2100 companies in 41 countries.
2019 Buyers' Guide
Updated Annually
US/Canada: $50.00 | International: $80.00
Includes a complete, aplphabetized master list of fastener manufactureres, distributors, and importers, as well as suppliers of raw material, tooling, machinery, testing equipment, and asembly equipment.
US/Canada: $240.00 | International: $290.00
In-depth analysis of fastener imports/exports. Examines fastener surge and normal flow per product family and country. Compiled yearly. In PDF format.

After purchasing this standard you will recieve an email with a link for downloading the document. You will have 24 hours to complete the download.
US/Canada: $269.00 | International: $299.00
A layman’s look at design methodology applicable to riveted/bolted joints.
SPC Guide: Recommended Practices for Statistical Process Control
Practical Approach to Statistical Methods for the Fastener Industry
US/Canada: $35.00 | International: $60.00
This 127-page guide focuses on economic control of fastener production utilizing statistical methods.

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