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SPC Guide: Recommended Practices for Statistical Process Control (OUT OF STOCK)
Practical Approach to Statistical Methods for the Fastener Industry
US/Canada: $35.00 | International: $60.00
This 127-page guide focuses on economic control of fastener production utilizing statistical methods.
US/Canada: $20.00 | International: $45.00
Addresses physical and mechanical tests, identifies appropriate military and industry “how to” specifications, and offers guidance as to the limitations and suggested applications of each test.
HISTORICAL - ANSI Engineering Report (1973) - A Study to Develop an Optimum Metric Fastener System
THIS DOCUMENT IS OFFERED ONLY FOR ITS HISTORICAL VALUE (For educational purposes only) Downloadable PDF file
US/Canada: $99.00 | International: $99.00
Historical document describing the evolution of US based metric fastener standards, developed in the early 1970s. Recommendations:Screw Threads Diameter-Pitch Series, Property Class, Product Design,Quality Assurance, Other System Features (For educational purposes only)

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