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Alloy and Composition Dependence of Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility in High Strength Steel Fasteners - PDF Download
Salim Brahimi, PhD Thesis, McGill University, Department of Materials Engineering, 2017
US/Canada: $150.00 | International: $150.00
Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) is proud to have played a leading role as sponsor of the research project that led to this important thesis and other related publications by Dr. Salim Brahimi, IFI’s current technical director.
US/Canada: $125.00 | International: $125.00
US/Canada: $30.00 | International: $30.00
Latest listing of fastener manufacturers who are registered with the USA Patents and Trademarks Office and US Department of Defense Fastener Manufacturer's Identification listing.
US/Canada: $90.00 | International: $130.00
A practical, easy-to-use, 200-page presentation of materials knowledge distilled from the leading industrial institutions’ practical experience in developing and improving threaded fasteners.
Gaskets and Gasketed Joints
by John H. Bickford
US/Canada: $235.00 | International: $265.00
Contains authoritative reviews of gasket behavior, gasket materials and configurations, gasket test and evaluation, gasket selection, the design and assembly of gasketed joints, and procedures for combating in-service leakage.

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