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TORQUE Book for Fasteners


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Author: IFI
Date Published: April 2013
Media Type: Books
Product Type: Reference Book



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TORQUE Book for Fasteners - this book is the first resource that pulls together all of the engineering data needed to calculate a tightening torque for all types of inch and metric fasteners in a single document.  The book starts out by explaining the classic torque calculation formula. It then provides all of the engineering data tables containing the variables related to K factors, thread sizes, and fastener yield strengths needed for calculating torque.  The book also contains sections on what to do to prevent stainless steel galling, values for tightening tapping screws, values for tightening set screws, an explanation on how to perform tests on completed assemblies to determine what torque was used to tighten the bolts originally, and much more insightful and helpful information on fastener tightening.