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The Critical Fastener Facts Every Fastener Supplier and User Should Know


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Author: IFI
Date Published: 5/2015
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The 90 questions and answers in this book cover the fastener technology specifics that address approximately 90% of the common questions that arise on a daily basis concerning mechanical fasteners used in the industrial market place. Both mechanical fastener suppliers and users should keep this book within reach if not committed to memory.

The technology of mechanical fasteners is much more complex and varied than most people understand until they embark on a career where they either supply or specify the use of mechanical fasteners. The standards books that cover the detailed requirements of inch and metric mechanical fasteners cover thousands and thousands of pages from several different standard making organizations.

Using this as a foundation of fastener knowledge, suppliers and users can launch themselves into becoming a true fastener expert by gathering first hand use of this information over a period of years.