IFI Technology Connection

About the IFI Technology Connection (ITC)

The IFI Technology Connection (ITC) is the world’s most complete online source for technical information related to the manufacturing, inspection, and use of mechanical fasteners.


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The ITC site is divided into several modules. Each one provides different technical information related to mechanical fasteners.

  1. Standards look-up database for the most popular inch fasteners from #0 – 4 inches and M1.6 – M64 metric fasteners. This includes bolts, screws, non-locking nuts, locking nuts, plus plain and locking washers.
    • Thread size data, it automatically changes sizes based on plating.
    • Other Dimensional data including straightness
    • Mechanical and material data including hardness, tensile, and shear values
    • Tightening torque calculation based on the selected fastener finish using the T=DPK formula.
    • Locking performance requirements
    • Chemistry
    • Testing requirements
    • Sample sizes for inspection
  2. Helpful conversion tools
    • Inch – metric
    • hardness to tensile strength for various scales
    • product weights
    • fraction to decimal
  3. Application tools
    • Tapping screw hole sizes
    • Thread strength calculator for determining minimum depth of engagement to fully utilize bolt or screw strength.
  4. Technical Support – when subscribers have questions to which they cannot find answers they can email questions to the IFI technical staff from within the site.  Answers are provided within 24 hours.

Time saving benefit to subscribers

Stop wasting time searching through a multitude of standards books or looking on the internet for hours to find technical information about mechanical fasteners.  This one source will give you most of what you will ever need with just a few mouse clicks. If the answer to your question is not here the IFI technical staff will get it for you promptly.

Subscription Information

The IFI Technology Connection is sold on an annual subscription basis to non-IFI companies.  There are two types of subscriptions:

  • “USER ONLY” – with this subscription all direct employees of the subscribing company can access the site’s full capabilities.  Only one person at a time may be in the site with this subscription.
  • USER – CUSTOMER” – companies can purchase this subscription for use by all company employees plus all customers provided the subscribing company has a secure area within their web site were only customers with user a user name and password are allowed to enter.  All unlimited number of users can be in the site at the same time with this subscription.

To subscribe go to the IFI online store.