IFI Technology Connection

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

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How Much Will ITC Membership Save Your Company?

The Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator can assist you in determining the value of your subscription to the IFI Technology Connection. Answer the following 4 questions:

1. Average employee cost per hour

per hour
2. Number of employees who look up data in the IFI standards books.

3. Number of times per day an employee looks up data in one of the IFI standards books

4. Average length of time required to look up data in one of the IFI standards books.


My Savings Using the IFI Technology Connection

Amount   Applies to:
  Cost per month looking up data using IF standards books.
  Cost per year to use IFI standards books as the company's primary techniocal source
  The potential number of man-hours you can save in a single year *
  Potential company cost savings per year using the IFI Technology Connection as the primary source for finding technical data. *

* Using an average of 30 seconds for each data look up using the IFI Technology Connection.